Megan Rain

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Kiana Coleman, better known by her stage name Megan Rain, is an American porn actress. Rain comes from sunny Palm Springs in California and she was born in the summer of 1996, more specifically on June 13. She is a tiny young girl who is only 1.55 meters tall and weighs around 45 kg. Her appearance is tremendously similar to that of the conventional movie actress Megan Fox. She is a cute, dark-looking girl with a long and beautiful mane and a captivating smile. Her eyes denote innocence and some shyness but they turn into pure vice when they see a good cock. Despite her teen appearance, with her natural tits and tight ass, this girl becomes a real slut in bed. Megan's body is very sensual and she has a very suggestive tattoo of a rose on the right hip.

Megan Rain

Megan Rain in porn

Californian Megan Rain began her career in porn shortly after turning 18. Just one month after her birthday, in 2014, the brunette started in the adult industry. Starting so young gave her that touch of innocence and enthusiasm that stand out when she fucks in a x-video. Rain was interested in porn because she had a boyfriend older than her who always talked about recording erotic videos. Shortly after coming of legal age, the brunette took a few pictures and began sending them to different agencies. She signed up as a model in LA direct models and began working with high-level producers such as Evil Angel, Digital Sin, Nubile Films and Mofo's among others.

At the beginning of her career, Rain had not planned to make anal sex scenes in the short-term. However, a few months after her debut before the cameras, the brunette decided to surrender to the pleasure of being fucked in the ass and began to shoot a lot of videos of hardcore anal sex in which also performs the A2M (ass to mouth). The actress has also made videos of threesomes with double penetration and an endless number of sexual practices including interracial sex, scenes with lesbians or blowjobs.

The truth is that Megan Rain (remember the English meaning of rain) has chosen her stage name very well, since she is able to cum to her fullest and perform the famous squirt. She is an authentic squirter and is able to release her female ejaculation as if she were a fire hose. She says that what helps her ejaculate so hard are the mental images she has while she fucks.

With her spectacular body, youth and naturalness fucking in front of the cameras, Megan Rain has everything to become a great pornstar. The porn actress already has a large number of followers around the world thanks to her positive attitude towards the sexiest piggy and her undeniable beauty and talent. In her Twitter account, @littlesexbuddha, the young Californian girl already has more than 150,000 fans who are attentive to all her publications about her life and work, especially to all the photos she uploads in which she appears nude. In addition, the actress, always tries to be in contact with her followers through chats, webcams and their official website.

Curiosities about Megan Rain

Megan Rain states that she had never masturbated before entering porn. Not that she was very close to her sexuality, but she preferred to be with a boy or a girl because, as horny as she is, it is not hard for her to seduce someone. But once she started in the world of pornography and started masturbating, she loved it. Today she says she does it often and that it serves as a tool to de-stress and release tension.

The first time he did a squirt, she was shooting a porn show with an audience. Megan achieved such power of ejaculation when it reaches orgasm that once even sprayed the cameramen.

Curiosities about Megan Rain

The pornstar says she loves to suck dicks. She likes to experiment and see what she is capable of doing to make the guy cum with pleasure only with her mouth. She likes to practice the deep throat (deepthroat) and she does it to the point that some tears fall and the makeup runs off. Megan Rain also likes to be dominated during sex; she is turned on by a man that takes control, that whips her and calls her a slut, or whore while they fuck her. She says she would love to shoot a bondage scene. Her submissive tendencies in sex are not only expressed in her porn videos, but she says that she would like to have a relationship in which she was also a submissive in bed.

This brunette girl from California loves to fuck and porn is her passion, she does it not only to fuck, that too, but because she loves her job.

Her personal life

Megan Rain ended up her relationship with her boyfriend when she entered the adult industry. She says she does not want to go out with anyone in part because she still has a broken heart and because she wants to find a person who can really face her career and personality. She relentlessly fucks anyway and is proud of maintaining her professional demeanor, because she sees pornography as a great job that is very fun.

Megan Rain personal life

In her free time, Megan likes to be with her dog Jax whom she adores. She also likes to eat well, keep fit, exercise and of course fucking.
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