Silvia Saint

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Undoubtedly, she is one of the best and most prolific European porn actresses. Silvia Saint is a blonde beauty born in Kyjov, in the former Czechoslovakia (today Czech Republic), on February 12, 1976. The now retired porn actress and glamour model has a spectacular body and a beautiful face with outstanding blue eyes. She has a natural grace and an unusual photogenic sexual appeal. With almost perfect measurements (her height is 1.65 cm, her weight around 50 kg and her body measurements are 91 - 59 - 89 in centimeters), very well placed tits and a great ass, it is not surprising that this Czech girl has become one of the porn icons of the late 90s and early century. The pornstar has been known by many names: Sylvia Saint, Silvia Granz, Renate Sinth, Silva, Silvie, Silvie Tom, Super Silvia, Sylvia and Sylvie, but her real name is Silvie Tomčalová.

Silvia Saint

Silvia Saint in porn

Silvia Saint started as a model before entering completely into the adult film industry. At first she started as an amateur model, then she became a lingerie model for a local brand and from there to complete nudes for different magazines such as Club International, High Society, Cheri or Swank. In the year 96, Silvia becomes for the first time Pet of the Month of the popular magazine for adults Penthouse. She would repeat the title two years later (in 1998), when her career her career in the adult industry was already started, in the Penthouse edition of the United States.

It is believed that her boyfriend of that time was the one who encouraged her to try her luck in porn. She was introduced to a porn casting of an American movie. Shortly after, the beautiful blonde appears in her first X film, shot in Prague and produced by the prestigious private producer, entitled "Lee Nover: Search for the Perfect Breasts". She stars it with the actor Bradley Raby and the tape is released in the year 1997, being the beginning of the successful career of Silvia Saint in the industry.

Silvia Saint porn

An international porn star

Given that the audience in Europe was considerably lower than in the USA, Silvia Saint decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean and move to the mecca of porn movies in the United States. In Los Angeles, California, was where she lived and made the bulk of her X filmography. The most productive years of the actress were from late 1997 to mid-year 2000.

The Czech star made hardcore porn scenes highlighting anal sex, threesomes, scenes of lesbian sex, interracial, double penetrations, deep throats, groupsex and hard sex. Titles like "The Voyeur 9: Silvia Saint Is Back" (1997), "Butt Row Swallowed" (1997), "Private Gaia 2: Irresistible Silvie" (1997), "Rocco's Private Fantasies" (1997), "Pirate Video 12 : Hell's Belles"(1998), "My Girlfriend Silvia Saint" (1999), "Silvia's Diary" (2000) gave her fame and worldwide recognition.


Throughout her career, Silvia Saint has been nominated and awarded with different awards from the world of porn, including the most important and prestigious ones. These awards give recognition to a successful career in the industry. Among the most prominent are:

  • FICEB "Ninfa Award Best Actress chosen by the public" (2005)
  • FICEB "Ninfa Best Actress" (2004)
  • Hot d'Or "Best European Supporting Actress" (2000)
  • Hot d'Or "Best Tease Performance" (2000)
  • People's Choice Adult Award "Best Newcomer" (1997)
  • CAVR "Starlet of Year" (1997)
  • AVN Award "Best Tease Performance" (1997)

Her withdrawal

Silvia gradually retired from porn. In May 2000, Saint announced that she was leaving the adult film industry, which caused great alarm among the many fans of the pornstar. Her true intentions were clarified a few months later. She just wanted to go home, so she left the porn industry in the United States and returned to the Czech Republic. There she continued to star in more sex and erotic videos.

In 2001 she officially announced her retirement from porn. However, the European actress continued starring in lesbian sex videos, more sporadically and relaxed and completely abandoning hard porn, full of facial cumshots and ass fucking that gave her great fame.

The exit of the Czech girl from the "first line" of porn and her decision to make "softer" videos, without huge cocks to be fucked from all angles, made her popularity to fade slowly over time.

Films such as Private's trilogy, "The Lady of the Rings" (2006), "Sticky Fingers 2" (2007) or "Lesbian Dreams 2" (2010) along with actresses like Anetta Keys were the last appearances of the pornstar.

Her fame was never limited by borders and has been recognized by critics and by both European and American fans. After her retirement, she has left more than 300 X films and recognition as one of the best European porn actresses to date.

Silvia Saint pornstar

Personal life

At the end of her studies at the institute, this Czech beauty decided to continue studying Business Administration and Management at the University of Brno. As for her working life, before embarking on pornography, Silvia worked as the responsible manager of a hotel in Zlin. She also held jobs in the marketing field and as an accountant.

Sentimentally speaking, she has been linked to the black porn actor Mr. Marcus but eventually married a man also born in the Czech Republic.


Apart from being a gifted fucker and having an exquisite and enviable physical aspect for most women, Silvia Saint is also a cultured and intelligent person. She fluently speaks English, Russian and her native Czech. In 2001 she ventured into an antiques business, although she finally left the company. She likes to spend time with her partner, family and friends. She is also passionate about traveling and knowing the world. Since her retirement, she says she can enjoy life to the fullest.

In the year 2006, the actress takes control of the legal rights of her domain and official website, after being involved in a lawsuit that finally won against a cybersquatter that supposedly was trying to benefit from her name without compensating her. The case set a legal precedent that many similar claims have followed in subsequent years. She is also the owner of another official website where she shows the most representative titles of her career.

All the fans and those who still do not know her can see the best porn videos of Silvia Saint on totally free. Some of them difficult to find today. Enjoy once again the style of this blonde porn icon!

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